Summary of the #BikiniHoliBody – POWER OF 12 MINUTES WORKOUTS

When emotions have subsided, I can finally write a few words to sum up the last challenge. Which ended with great success and brilliant results of the participants. In this challenge, our Ambassador was Agata, who is primarily an active mother and a motivating trainer for her girls.

The 14 day training challenge started on my birthday with 19 participants. This time it was Summer #BikiniHoliBody. Targeted at people who want to slim their body and train their buttocks before the summer. Workouts from 12 to 28 minutes. In addition, Finishers were recorded to raise the buttocks – Lift your booty. For this challenge – needed equipment. The weight of 5 or 10 kg and bands and 2 kg dumbbells/each.

Once again it was an international challenge and I am very proud of it! And off course my SUPER WOMEN! 

Thank you for your nice words!

Karolina💋, I would like to thank you for motivating me to move on. Thanks to #BikiniHoliBody I was back on track with a challenge. I am impressed by your knowledge and experience. The participants in the program were worth it: the training sessions were interesting to complete the nutrition program. Thanks for the motivation and energy to train. Agnieszka S.


Thank you once again Karolina Sitkowska, for the great challenges and joint training 🔥💪🍑 I even liked this hardcore burning, although it was not easy at the beginning, but I like to do butt the most and belly although I also improved my arms, because that was what I had the greatest problem🤦‍♀️I lost together ⬇️😍🔥17cm⬇️😍🔥but I’m still working 💪🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏋‍♀️🧘‍♀️💃Congratulations to all of us chicks and I wish you a wonderful holidays. Agnieszka W.
I will only leave my modest report on the challenge here
I will not insert photos because I am not brave enough🙈 but I can boast that the measurement table shows that I lost a total of 15cm. and calves, but I explain it by the fact that they have developed muscularly (similar to 1kg plus on the scale🙈). Kamila.

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